MGF & MGTF data for data freaks
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UK registration number plates. New since September 2001. See also the WIKI

N Aug 1995 - July 1996 51 Sep 2001 - Feb 2002 6 Mar 2006 - Aug 2006
P Aug 1996 - July 1997 2 Mar 2002 - Aug 2002 66 Sep 2006 - Feb 2007
R Aug 1997 - July 1998 52 Sep 2002 - Feb 2003  
S Aug 1998 - Feb 1999 3 Mar 2003 - Aug 2003  
T Mar 1999 - Aug 1999 53 Sep 2003 - Feb 2004  
V Sep 1999 - Feb 2000 4 Mar 2004 - Aug 2004  
W Mar 2000 - Aug 2000 54 Sep 2004 - Feb 2005  
X Sep 2000 - Feb 2001 5 Mar 2005 - Aug 2005  
Y Mar 2001 - Aug 2001 55 Sep 2005 - Feb 2006  

Check for previous owner counts. HERE (but don't believe the *date manufactured* stated ;)


VIN - Vehicle Identification Number. The Letters & Figures Explanation

Fixed values

  • 1/2/3 world make identifier
    SAR = Europe UK MG Rover
    SDP = NAC MG UK Ltd
    LNP = Nanjing MG China

  • 4/5. Marque/Model
    ....... RD = MGF & MG TF
    ....... EF = Nanjing MG TF

Variable values

  • 6. W/M/Z = Model variant/Trim Level
    • W = TL3 (Entry trim level)
    • M = TL5 (Mid trim level)
    • L = TL7.1VVC 160 TL7.1
    • Z = TL7 Trophy 160 Trim
    • 3 = VVC 150 Mexico
    • 2 = Nanjing MG design
  • 7. B = Body Style (2 door convertible) / 6
  • 8. Engine type G/T/P/E/K/P/N
    • E = K1.6i Trophy Engine (16K4 F...) 115PS / 85kW
    • G = K1.8 MPi (MPi is Multi Point injection) (18K4 F...) 120PS / 88kW
    • K = K1,8i 2002 ECD3 compliant OBD (18K4 F...) 136PS /100kW
    • T = K1.8 VVC (VVC is Variable Valve Control) (18K4 K...) 145PS/107kW
    • P = K1.8i 2002 ECD3 compliant OBD (18K4 K...) 160PS / 118kW
    • N = K1.8i 2002 ECD3 compliant OBD (18K4 K30) 150PS / 110kW Mexican low compression
    • H = K1.8i China Nanjing MG
  • 9. B/C/D/J/N/M/X = Steering, Transmission,

    • B = RHD manual 5 speed 3.9:1
    • C = RHD manual 5 speed (4.2:1 VVC gearbox final drive)
    • X = LHD CVT Steptronic
    • J = RHD CVT Steptronic
    • N = LHD manual 5 speed (4.2:1 VVC gearbox final drive)
    • M = LHD manual 5 speed 3.9:1
    • 8 = LHD manual 5 speed (VVC gearbox final drive) Mexico Version
    • 1 = LHD manual 5 speed (VVC gearbox final drive) (NAC MG)
    • 3 = LHD CVT Steptronic (NAC MG)
  • 10. A/W/X = Model Changes (only the significant indicated by a new letter)
    • A = Production start August 27th, 1995 with serial number AD000251 to April 1997
    • W = Model year 1998 important part changes (starting April 1997) with serial number WD024605 appears already with VIN 23915
    • X = Model year 1999 new production line begins in May 1998 appears already with VIN 038935 ?
      Change of production line
      • Cab2 closed with VIN XD041975 (Tahiti Blue) in August 1998
      • Cab1 started with VIN XD500001 and ended at about VIN XD511000
    • Y = MGF Mark 2 started app VIN YD 511xxx
    • 1 = MGF Mark 2 started app. VIN 1D 522xxx (may be 523xxx)
    • 2 = Model year 2002 started app July 2001
    • 3 = Model year 2003 started app July 2002
    • 4 = Model year 2004 started app July 2003
    • 5 = Model year 2005 started app July 2004
    • 7 = Model year 2007
    • 8 = Model year 2008
    • 9 = Model year 2009
  • 11. D/G Assembly Plant
    ..... D = Longbridge UK
    ......G = China Nanjing Pukou
  • 12.-18. xxxxxx 6 figures=serial number
  • (19) one blank sign and than a suffix check number
VIN Sample: SARRDWBGBXD500123 x

minimum content to identify a car is i.e. D611254 (the letter D and the six figures)
- the valid figure ranges
a) D000001 to D041975
b) D500001 to D535576
c) D600101 to D641760
d) D000001 to D000500 << LE500
e) G000001 to G021000 >> Nanjing MG ongoing

everything else outside the above ranges is typo's or a different Rover car or if there are 7 figures, then someone stated the check figure at the end of the VIN, like D641760 9

Engine number Location

engine numberengine number location
Engine number sample

MGF history

See for model History @ Rob's site and aswell at Erik's site


On August, 29th. starts the offficial delivery with VIN AD000251. As each other new MG model it got the old Abingdon factory phone number.
Vin 251 was the first volume production car, in Flame Red, and was presented to BMIHT for display at Gaydon
There were 98 cars built in CAB2 from the start of 1995 as part of the Quality Prototype phases (QP1 to QP4), and Final Method Build. These cars had VINs 000001 to 000098. Most of these cars were registered for the road and were used as press and road test cars.
MGF No. 50 was offered in the beginning of 2000 in MG World magazin
Production per week: about 240 cars

1996 Production per week: about 265 cars
- boot lid no longer over 90° opening angle
- no foam rubber over engine access grill
- rubber hose at both mirror handles
- added lip at the wheelhouse cover
- sales this year are about 12.800 units

Production per week: about 265 cars
Significant changes starting in April 1997, approximate VIN WD024605. upwards, but appears already with VIN
- hard top changed
- optional aircon got availible since February
- softtop sealings changed
- front subframe mounts changed to green splashed (FAM 9525 - front KGE 100150 - rear) (former was NAM 4131 - front bush KGE 10001 - rear)
- sales this year are about 14.741 units
In Serie A where built app. 24353 MGF


Production per week: about 260 cars
500 pcs of Edition Abingdon (clour code HYF / AAA) got manufactured in early 1998 as RHD cars. 350 pcs 1.8i and 150 pcs VVC.
The LHD export version got named Brooklands and was made at the same time with 1600 cars, but only 1.8i.

January: rear brake light switch changed from part No. XKB100080 to new XKB10003
February: window stops changed to Mark 3. (3 parts instead of one amber coloured)
- EPAS got standard to all MGF (was standard at VVC cars earlier only)
3rd brake light at all continental MGF (EEC):
Model change letter X appears since May 1998 and above VIN 038935
In 3rd quarter (August) of 1998 the production line CAB2 was closed with VIN XD041975. CAB1 started.
41725 MGF where built until this date. The first produced car on this line got the VIN XD500001.
- sales this year are about 14.415 units


Production per week: about 200 cars or less ???
Until the middle of 1999 where the last MGF MK1 built as Limited Edition LE75. LHD Version only in platinum silver. 2000 units where produced. 380 in black, another 380 in mulberry. Their VINs got mixed with MK1 and MK2 versions. The last VIN is XD511058. The Limited edition number is not running in sequence.
- Lowering knuckle set introduced in Germany in app April 99
In June 1999 got a new cam cover sealing with part number GUG505074VC from VIN 504633 onwards introduced
Since about Juli 1999 the MGF MK2 (MY2000) is in production (first about VIN YD511060)
The amount of built MGF MK1 could be about 52975 units- (excl. the first 250)
The automatic Steptronic gearbox got introduced in August 1999
- sales this year are about 11.719 units


MY 2000
Model change to 1D, new coolant recommendation (OAT) for extended change sequence VIN 512772 and upwards. Yellow colored ring mark to the expansion tank.
Improved PG1 Gearbox due reverse gear. Part of the selector mechanism DMB 702 with TSB 100320 together with TSP 100200 app between July and November (VIN 516---520---)
Guess on 66000 MGF sold until the end of year 2000
- sales this year are about 11.000 units


MY 2001 and EC environmental class EURO3 introduced with several product chages, ECU3, Airfilterbox, .... etc.
75.000 MGF manufactured until about September
VIN 1D525705 MGF Trophy 160 introduced (1.430 cars for 12 countries, 250 in Germany, 7 in Luxembourg, 24 in Belgium, 55 in the Netherlands, 50 for France, ) coloured black, yellow, red or blue)
MGF1.6i introduced in May
Model year 2002 introduced
Special Edition 'Freestyle' (2000) introduced
Special Edition Wedgwood ........
Recall of the MY2001 cars cause of safety terms regarding the seatbelt tensioner
2D535576 was the 77.301th and last MGF, made on January, 3rd, 2002

  Recalls MGF (source )

R/1998/069 ROVER MGF drivers seat belt webbing may not retract correctly
RD000251 to RD040566 16/08/1995 06/07/1998

R/2001/139 ROVER MGF seat belt pre- tensioner malfunction.
RD522572 to RD533176 01/09/2000 30/09/2001

MG TF without hydragas suspension but standard coil springs introduced with VIN 2D600101
4071 MGTF made until April 16th when the 1.5millions MG got built
YEB100770 Horn high note is at MGF/TF until VIN 606594. Since now we have the YEB100780 Horn low note only installed.
The first MGTF had a ANC (automatic noise control) valve installed to th RH exhaust tail pipe. This flap got dropped at first in the UK, later in export versions.
600 of MGTF Spirit SE (MG TF 135 Sprint MG TF 160 Sprint) in 5 different colours combinations got built.
MGTF Spirit SE introduced at about VIN 613xxx
MGTF Elegance
SE introduced in December
about 14.300 MGTF got total made in this year.
Cost saving cut several earlier supplied bits from the car accessories ;)


In February about 9000 of the first made MGTF until VIN 609xxx got involved with a recall regarding the damper fixture bolt. Some of this should have problems with the torque.
Also in early 2003 got the PRT introduced (pressure relief thermostat. Currently no proven VIN known, but assumingit was at about VIN 3D614xxxx.
September 2003 saw a change of the fuse-panel followed by strange behavior of horns, window lift and auxiliary lights, when the wiper was oprerated in intermediate mode. A added supressor cured the problem with VIN 636908 in mid of 2004.
Leadfree windows introduced in the beginning of 2003
MG TF 115 & 135 Cool Blue SE in March (silver aswell availiable ) (600 total, 300 of in Germany.....)
app,. 14.000 MGTF where made in 2003


Year 2004 started with a service action bulletin regarding the hood frame design at MGTF VIN (2D600155 to 2D608010) MY 2002
additional Parts: DJE000010 - Hood straps (pack of 2) should help preventing the hood folds from getting cut near the frame 'scissor'.
The pressure relief thermostat PEM101020 (black coloured) got introduced in late 2004.

The next was good news in January with introduction of another Limited Edition series. 80 Years MG since 1924 celebrated with special 1600 of LE80 cars.
See details at Erik
100 of MGTF 135 for Belgium (60 in Pearl Black, and 60 in Starlight Silver)

MG TF Cool Blue SE Edition introduced in mid of 2004
TF Anniversary Limited Edition Goodwood Green and Silver | Black (1600)

MGTF Spark Edition introduced, colours X-Power grey, Firefrost Red, Sonic blue
MGTF Spark 135 has got the big brakes at the front wheels
27. August 2004 the Parts supply service was handed over to Caterpillar Logistics Ltd. (UK)


model year started with about VIN 5D633998 as usual in September 2004. Several changes. I.e. coolant level sensor with light in instrument panel (instead of hazard light indication) from VIN 632424 onwards. Something with the hood frame fuse panel and more at VIN 5D639631
MG TF Oxford SE special edition for the dutch market (LHD) with heated rear window, big brake, new rims and special interior.

Alloy wheel nut torque changed to 100Nm for 16" and 70Nm for 15" rims (old Spec. until 2005 was 70 Nm for all)

  Recalls MGTF (source )



R/2002/165 ROVER MGTF possible loosening of damper fixing bolt.
RD 000101 to RD 000154 12/12/2001 12/09/2002
R/2002/165 ROVER MGTF possible loosening of damper fixing bolt.
RD 600155 to RD 611045 12/12/2001 12/09/2002

SOP in China MG TF NAC
MGNJ07AE Coupe 2dr Man 5sp RWD 1.8i (NJ7180TF)
MGNJ07AF Coupe 2dr CVT RWD 1.8i (NJ7180TF)

Yuejin Motor Gruppe
18N4S1 100 Kw
18N4S3 88 Kw (CVT)


SOP in the UK for 500 MG TF (TF LE500)

25 Crystal White
75 Vibrant Orange
75 Scorched Red
100 Graphite Grey
100 Intense Blue
125 Raven Black

¨ Revised body styling
¨ Leather seats
¨ Air conditioning as standard
¨ Body colour hardtop as standard
¨ Anti-lock brakes with EBD
¨ Windstop as standard
¨ Glass rear windscreen as standard
¨ Front disc brakes with 4-pot calipers in red, plus rear disc brakes.
¨ 16” 11 spoke alloy wheels with Shadow Chrome or Black finish
¨ Single slot CD player with media player Direct Control, 3 Pre-Outs and wireless device compatibility.
¨ Piano black interior finish & revised instrumentation
¨ Unique LE500 badging, graphics & trim items.


SOP for LE85 model

should get 50 pcs,
To celebrate this milestone, MG have developed a brand new limited edition, the MG TF 85th anniversary.
This exciting new model features:
• Unique new interior including leather seats
• 3 distinctive colours
• New external design - alloy wheels and unique 85th anniversary graphics
• 50 vehicles only
• New suspension and handling package: The best handling TF ever
• A competitive price of just £15,664 OTR that comes down to only £13,664 with scrappage allowance.

New Looks

Available in three special colours overlaid with striking graphics and a new design of alloy wheel, from the outside the 85th Anniversary looks sensational. The cabin is stunning too as the specialist graphics continue with monogrammed sill finishers and unique 85th solid aluminium gear knob which complement the stylish new Aubergine leather trim and a high quality ICE system.

Best Handling

The new TF 85th Anniversary model also benefits from a ride and handling package that makes this model the best ever TF to drive. New Bilstein® suspension, Eibach® anti roll bar system, lower ride height, and a modified wheel set up on Rimstock® produced ‘Twist of Pepper’ style wheels give the 85th Anniversary edition exceptional handling at all speeds.

official counts of cars
1994 (807) 773
1995 2.323 1.667
1996 16.112 13.106
1997 13.398 14.721
1998 14.832 14.415
1999 10.388 11.791
MGF total
 TF 2001
F+TF 2002
14.304 14.011
F+TF 2003
TF 2004
TF 2005 (-04)
MG TF total
MGF+TF Total
KBA 01.01.2003
current reg.

Source: KBA / Newspapers and Web Keith Adams site

MGF / TF models on the road in UK
MGF 1.8 Base Manual Conv
MGF 1.8 VVC Manual Conv
Total MGF dated January 2006 in the UK
TF 115 Base Manual Conv 4301
TF 115 Cool Blue Manual Conv
TF 115 Sunstorm Manual Conv
TF 120 Manual Conv
TF 135 Base Manual Conv
TF 135 Cool Blue Manual Conv
TF 135 80th Aniversary Manual Conv
TF 135 Sprint Manual Conv
TF 135 Sunstorm SE Manual Conv
TF 160 80th Aniversary Manual Conv
TF 160 Sprint Manual Conv
TF 160 Sunstorm SE Manual Conv
TF 160 VVC Manual Conv


Total MG TF dated January 2006 in the UK



source: pablo from X-Power Forum

VIN Schedule MGF History

  • AD000001... AD000098 built as first serie for introduction and registered as press cars

  • AD000251 start of sales (phone number of the old Abingdon factory)
  • AD000505 brake master cylinder changed to GMC90361 (non ABS)
  • AD000510 Speedo cable changed from 2 to 3 pcs. version
  • AD000636 engine bay cooling fan changed
  • AD000752 B-Frame (Patch tape)
  • AD001018 change from 150°C oil temp sensor to 170°C version
  • AD001981 Hardtop sealing at sides and rear (B-Frame) made of one piece
  • AD003101 Clips für rear center console fixture changed, snapper spring of upper flap changed
  • AD003716 Clips for T-Bar fixture changed
  • AD004177 Coolant pipes under body changed to MK2
  • AD004353 headlights fixture changed. New P/N for headlights.
  • AD004611 glass guide lubricant added to prevent from juddering windows
  • AD004884 upper bracket of air condition condensor changed
  • AD005051 modified clips against vibrating of vacuum pipes (SYC100900)
  • AD00xxxx mirror handle. Rubber hose added., boot lid no longer over 90°, no foam rubber over engine access grill
  • AD006145 Softtop rear clamps changed
  • AD007104 steering, sealing, cover and bolts changed
  • AD007259 Coolant pipes under body changed to MK3
  • AD007719 door cheater changed
  • AD009462 MPI MEMS ECM changed
  • AD009638 Gear shaft sealing changed
  • AD010518 VVC MEMS ECM changed to MKC104000
  • AD011429 Catalyst changed from WAG103650 to WAG103650 (except Jap. Models)
  • AD012481 Japan Model Catalyst changed
  • AD012535 change of Exhaust and Exhaust strap from back box WCE103450 to WCE103780
  • AD01xxxx wheel house arch liner changed ('spoiler' added)
  • AD014487 D-form sealing for hardtop changed, relevant for Hardtop Ser.No above F493.
    Sealing DSF 101280PMD (right side) & DSF 101290PMD (left Seite) Roffsealing holder DSZ 100160, B-Frame spanner DSZ 100150 and Seal washer EAM 6543.
  • AD015921 modified door shredder EJD101450 (CDS),EJD101440 (DS) and 7mm water release hole in door added
  • AD016436 door cable loom clamp sealing introduced
  • AD016444 new door screens, (CUB102600, CUB 102610) modified screen lead (hood adjustment)
  • AD017780 no idea but anywhere stated, guesses are welcome :)
  • AD018773 (??? EC market related approvals ??)
  • AD019984 (cars with one airbag only) fixture of Instrument wiring changed
  • AD020012 new sealing between roof & B-frame (weak, stable sealing introduced)
  • AD021271 cable loom inside the door relocated
  • AD021575 gaps in door sealing added to release water
  • AD021674 inner door parts changed (door foil, release hole, door wiring, clamp sealing)
  • AD021350 B-frame area changed. Sealing works required at some cars
  • AD021854 mirror triangle position changed
  • AD023000 sealing replacement set introduced for replacements
  • AD023186 change of seatbelt from EVB102671 to EVB103710LNF (new holes required at replacements of the old one)
  • AD023394 rear hood sealing changed but not on point, so a depends on wether foam MUC3610A is required or not
  • AD023670 wrong position of hood front clip no longer possible (A-frame cover clamp position)
  • AD023992 heater assembly sealing changed & air housing changed to JKQ 100180 to prevent from water leaks to the footwell
  • W and A version mixed
  • WD024000 (app. VIN) front window including finisher changed to p/n CMB100850PMH
  • WD024103 approved date for front window change
  • WD024605 New hood without seams (DSD100430PMA) and related new cantrail seals introduced
  • WD025463 Alarm blipper version ATXB added and Burglar Alarm ECU changed (Swiss version replaced also)

  • AD026225 no idea but anywhere stated, guesses are welcome :)
  • WD026607 tonneau cover DSD100590PMA with *tail* introduced
  • AD026659 - front subframe mounts changed to green splashed (former was NAM 4131 - front bush KGE 10001 - rear) (new FAM 9525 - front and KGE 100150 - rear)
  • WD030081 Electric window regulator changed.
    Part No changed (Part Number CUH102140 -- £128 Part Number CUH102240 -- £123)
    Burglar alarm ECU changed
  • WD030082 modified Alarmsensor old YWC103040, new YWC105910 (more sensitivity steps for testbook adjustment . Change with older MGF possible if the cable YMQ103410 gets added)
  • WD031461 MG batch added to steering wheel airbag, new p/n EHM101410PMA
  • WD031661 door cheater changed (again)
  • WD035xxx 500 pcs Editon Abingdon/Brooklands manufactured (150 pcs as 1.8i and 350 pcs as VVC) (colour code HYF Brooklands Green)
  • WD035072 new door catch bolt. Made of stainless steel part No. BDM100050
  • WD035xxx last of 500pcs Abingdon/Brooklands Edition manufactured
  • WD036127 brake light switch changed from part No. XKB 100080 to new XKB 10003
  • WD036564 new designed window stop (MK3, three parts instead of one amber coloured)
  • WD036631 wheel house cover changed to a wider version as solution against problems if 16' Wheels with large tyres are installed
  • WD038100 Burglar Alarm ECU changed
  • WD038565

  • XD038935 appears in the middle of 1998, change to Model 'XD' built since May 1998 WD and XD MY mixed
  • AD040179 Japan Model Catalyst changed
  • WD040180 Catalyst changed to WAG103650
  • XD040289 throttle body assembly more detailed specified (NOTICE: check your fixture of then K&N, a to much tightened worm clamp can damage the throttle body.
  • XD040562 new windows introduced (tinted?) (09/13/00 by Rog) p/n CMB101120PMH
  • XD040565 official recall because of not sure seat belt doofers (escutcheon)
  • XD04???? Product change due to cam belt and cam belt tensioner (08/1998)
  • XD041975 Change to a new manufacturing line

  • XD500001 model 99 on new production line Guess BRG changed to code HFF BRG Pearlescent
  • XD500389 screws of brakepedal assembly plate changed to (6pcs) FS106165 and of main brake cylinder changed (2pcs) LG10040 due to leaks along the bolt thread
  • XD500495 four grommets added to the bootlid (14A7090A)
  • XD503285 SRS rotary coupler changed/replaced from P/N YRC100170 to P/N YRC100300
  • XD503637 EPAS ECU changed to YWC103773 (change if error code 41 'motor clamp damaged' appears)
  • XD504633 change of induction manifold sealing to GUG704094MG, Nuts FX108047L, and 3 bolts
    (@MPI only)
    XD504633 change of the cam cover sealing to GUG705074VC should help against oil leaks cause of sealing
  • XD504760 anti rattle self adhesive foam tape added to the mirror light loom under the middle of the front roof cover
  • XD507465 two washers added to the damper bottom mount (RYF100430 to bolt side rear and RYF100430 to the nut side front+rear)
  • XD507676 clip cover at window cheater changed from p/n BNP4107PA to CYC100550
  • XD507923 VVC clutch damper (RHD) GVP901084 clutch under floor pipe to change if clutch fails
  • XD508177 Guess this can be the 50.000th
  • XD508800 app. start of LE75 production 2000 pcs built (Cars not built in sequence, but mixed with MK1 and MK2 versions)
  • XD509236 VVC clutch damper (LHD) GVP901083 clutch under floor pipe to change if clutch fails
  • XD5009xx >18K4FJ31 153993 app. change to Static cam belt tensioner for MPI's made in September 1998
  • XD509410 to XD 510368 problem regarding changed seat upper area. 'click noise'
  • XD510851 hand brake cabels improved regarding grease. From cable date code ‘9F21’ upwards (noise and corrosion)
  • XD511058 the last MK1. LE75 (whole amount of about 52000 MGF MK1 produced)

  • YD511059 MK2 MGF RHD car running in the UK
  • YD511017 Oil Temperatur failure at the MK2 model fixed (shunt added) end of MY1999
  • YD512772 new coolant type introduced and change cycle enhenced, Havolene AFC (O.A.T.) GEC 6025 - Unipart AFC - 25 l
  • YD513xxx appears at the beginning of 2000 in Germany
  • YD515110 Alarm Blipper changed
  • YD518177 Guess this can be the 60.000th built and registered MGF
  • YD518400 to 1D520100 problem with lack of grease at the seat reels (solution: grease them)
  • 1D519924 underbonnet cover more clearance to the vaccuum pipe at LHD cars
  • 1D520013 OAT coolant recommendation
  • 1D520*** ... 1D523*** 650 MGF LE (wedgewood blue) UK only (app 470 MPI, 100 VVC, 80 CVT)
  • 1D522xxx MGF Mark 2 EDC3 started with important product changes as follows

  • 1D522572 New specification regarding EURO3 environment rules. MEMS ECU3 MY2001 (EDC3)
  • 1D522572 until 1D526432 fueltank seam bulletin AD166. Gas measurement process introduced in the factory
  • 1D52272 change of Exhaust WCE103780 to WCG103100 (except Trophy)
  • 1D523685 pre-varnish process changed at boot lock and door locks (improved)
  • 1D524879 MGF Tropy 160 introduction with several important changes ??
  • 1D524879 until 529686 special only MGF Trophy problem with creak to the cross member bar. bracket to be added at some
  • 1D525705 MGF Trophy introduced with different suspension an body parts (spoiler etc)
  • 1D527784 New cylinder head gasket introduced with steel dowels GUG702613 (March 2001)
  • 1D529868 Badge assembly-MG - front, changed to self adhesive
  • 2Dxxxxx Model Year 2002 introduced in app July 2001
  • 2D530689 ?? exhaust vacuum valve added for noise control, but not to all MGF
  • 2D533078 front wheelarch liner changed
  • 2D533176 Recall regarding seatbelt tensioner and wiring (522572-533176)
  • 2D533177 the 75000 MGF got made
  • 1D5339??? MGF Trophy 160 last made ??
  • 2D535576 last MGF with hydragas suspension got built on January 3rd, 2002
    77301 very nice MGF so far.
  • MGF manufacturing closed down at the end of 2001

  • 2D600101 First MGTF in January 2002 (154 cars pre-production, not sold to customers)
  • 2D600155 to 2D608010 service action bulletin to the hood repair, add Parts: DJE000010 - Hood straps (pack of 2).
  • 2D60???? Exhaust changed to UNIPART at RHD cars. ANC flap dropped with this exhaust version
  • 2D604171 anniversary regarding 1.5th Millionth made MG
  • 2D606594 horn YEB100770 high note was cut from installation by the accountant.
  • 2D608209 engine cover grill discontinued
  • 2D6093x until 2D61xxx Change from Model year 2002 to 2003 (app September 2002)
  • 2D611045 and earlier MG TF recall regarding lower damper fixture bolts (6900 cars involved )
  • 3D613??? MGTF Spirit SE, 600 cars in 2002
  • 3D614xxx late MGTF made in December 2002
  • 3D615xx pressure relief thermostat appeared in some cars
  • 4D620458 Fuse panel chanded with MINI-Relays
  • 4D620459 - 4D636908 electrical spikes from the wiper motor in intermittant mode could cause strange behavior of window motor, horns, boot lock, auxiliary lights. To be cured by adding a supressor XBS000040 to bonnet fuse box screw (ground) and the blue wire at the rear of the wiper switch connector. (German language instructions)
  • 4D620548 Alarm Blipper changed
  • 4D620879 lead free front window introduced, including finisher p/n CMB000610. Door windows got lead free aswell.
  • 4D622375 design of rear bumper changed to plastic insert instead of black over painted
  • 4D627744 MGTF LE80 introduced
  • 4D627796 ... seen at the end of 2003 (one of the 1.600 MGTF LE80 models)
  • 4D629951 The pressure relief thermostat PEM101020 (black coloured) got introduced *official*
  • 4D631801 Burglar Alarm ECU changed
  • 4D631655 exhaust vacuum valve for noise control dropped finally from all car versions (last had been with VVC's)
  • 4D631xxx May 2004
  • 4D632424 New coolant expansion bottle with level sensor P/N RPCF000160 and Sensor RPCJ000040
    engine bay temperature sensor replaced by ???? who knows ???
  • 4D638640 updated semi-transparent coloured pressure relief thermostat PEM101020 got introduced with minor differences on the bypass valve
  • 5D639631several changes including new design fuse panel (mini-relay) a glass rear window and model year 2005 introduced
  • 5D640074 tonneau cover (black) changed to DSD000070PMA
  • 5D640435 mirror knob cover hose changed
  • 5D641671 last official build car which left the line at 10.22 hours on the 7th April 2005
  • 5D641764 very last supplied VIN to cars inofficially made after the close down

)*approved data bold printed.

type of the K-Engine
- 1600 cc
- 1800 cc

K - K series -
4 - valves - 16V
F - multipoint injection (MPI) with catalyst
K - variable valve control (VVC) with catalyst

J31 - 1800 standard engine & manual gearbox
J32 - 1800 standard engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
J89 - 1800 VVC engine & manual gearbox
J90 - 1800 VVC engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
L70 - 1800 standard engine & CVT Automatic Transmission
L71 - 1800 standard engine & Aircon & CVT Automatic Transmission
M09 - 1800 120 PS Standard engine, manual transmission, air conditioning
M10 - 1800 120 PS Standard engine, manual transmission
M11 - 1800 145 PS VVC engine, manual transmission, air conditioning
M12 - 1800 145 PS VVC engine, manual transmission
M13 - 1800 standard engine & Aircon & CVT Automatic Transmission
M14 - 1800 standard engine & CVT Automatic Transmission
M15 - 1800 120 PS Standard engine, manual transmission, air conditioning
M16 - 1800 120 PS Standard engine, manual transmission
M17 - 1800 120 PS Standard engine, manual transmission, air conditioning

M18 - 1800 145 PS VVC engine, manual transmission, ?
N17 - 1600 116 PS Standard engine, manual transmission
N18 - 1600 116 PS Standard engine, manual transmission, air conditioning
N27 - 1800 160 PS VVC engine, manual transmission
N28 - 1800 160 PS VVC engine, manual transmission, air conditioning
N34 - 1800 136 PS Standard engine, manual transmission, air conditioning
N35 - 1800 136 PS Standard engine, manual transmission
N36 - 1800 160 PS VVC engine, manual transmission (Trophy)
N48 - 1800 160 PS VVC engine, manual transmission (Trophy)
N49 - 1800 160 PS VVC engine, manual transmission, air conditionin
g (Trophy)
P23 - 1600 standard engine & manual gearbox
P24 - 1600 standard engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
P25 - 1800 VVC 160PS engine & manual gearbox
P26 - 1800 VVC 160PS engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
P27 - 1800 135PS engine & manual gearbox
P28 - 1800 135PS engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
P29 - 1800 120PS engine & CVT Automatic Transmission
P30 - 1800 120PS engine & Aircon & CVT Automatic Transmission
R30 - 1800 VVC 150PS Mexico Low Compression & Aircon & manual gearbox C4BP
P98 - 1800 VVC 160PS engine & manual gearbox

S01 - 1600 standard engine & manual gearbox C6BP
S02 - 1600 standard engine & Aircon & manual gearbox C6BP
S03 - 1800 VVC 160PS engine & manual gearbox C4BP
S04 - 1800 VVC 160PS engine & Aircon & manual gearbox C4BP
- 1800 135PS engine & manual gearbox C4BP
- 1800 135PS engine & Aircon & manual gearbox C4BP
- 1800 120PS engine & CVT Automatic Transmission
- 1800 120PS engine & Aircon & CVT Automatic Transmission

S27 or 527 ???- 1800
S28 or 528 ?? - 1800

xxxxxx - sequence Number

PG-1 Gearbox
C - Forward gear set, Type 6 wide ratio
4 Final drive - VVC 4.200 :1
Final drive - MPI 3.937:1
B Speedo ratio B= Rover 200/400/F
P - Clutch lever type P = mgf

Steptronic/ Stepspeed Gearbox

ZF made CVT

Colour codes Mk1 & Abingdon (Brooklands) & LE75
Special colour code site under construction,

see the comprehensive collection of coulors at Pete MGF-TF-CENTRAL.CO.UK and at the T-Bar Forum

COF Flame Red
NAL White Diamond (2)
HAM BRG Metallic (2)
LVD Charcoal Black
MNX Platinum Silver
CAQ Nightfire Red (2)
JRJ Tahiti Blue
KMN Amaranth
EAC Volcano
HYF Brooklands Green
NNX Old English White
CMV Morello Purple
HFF BRG Pearlescent (3)
GUF Sienna Gold (app.YD511059 onwards)
HFH Alumina Green (app. YD511059 onwards)
PAK Black (LE 75)
CDM Mulberry (LE75)
JBH wedgewood blue (MGF SE)
CDX Copperleaf Red (app. XD523815 onwards)

Colour Codes Trophy 160, announced in spring 2001
FAR Trophy Yellow
JFV Trophy Blue
LQW Anthracite
CMU solar red

Colour Codes MGTF, announced 2002
CBT Nightfire Red (3)
PAK Black (LE 75 from 1999 as well)
LQW Anthracite
MBB Starlight Silver
IAC sunspot yellow
IAT Chagall
GUF Sienna Gold
JFM Royal Blue
HFN Le Mans Green
HFF British Racing Green Pearlescent (3)
GDH Calypso Gold
FAR Trophy Yellow
JFV Trophy Blue
CMU Solar Red
LEF X-Power Grey
NDJ Dover white

Edition Spark 2004
LEF X-Power grey,

Edition LE80
HQM Aquamarine Green
PBT Pearl Black

CEV = Firefrost Red
AWZ000630 = Aerosol
AWZ000690 = Paint Stick

JHG = Sonic Blue
AWZ000760 = Aerosol
AWZ000770 = Paint Stick

Monogram Colours MGTF

IAA Spectre
IAB Typhoon
IAC Sunspot
IAD Glacier
IAE Chatswood
IAF Biomophic
IAG Nightshade
IAH Black Olive
IAI Celestial
IAJ Saffron
IAK Garnet
IAL Jubilee
IAM Gulfstream
IAN Lagoon
IAO Bacchus
IAP Nocturne
IAQ Spice
IAR Orange Grove
IAS Mirage 3 coat)
IAT Chagall
IAU Mirage (2 coat)

JGY mica blue (ignition)

NAC MGTF 2008 on
FAB - Vibrant Orange
DAC - Intense Blue
EAF - Scroched Red
BAB - Crystal White
AAD - Raven Black
CAJ - Graphite Grey

2009 list from Andrew P. (SF)

Atmosphere IBC
Aubergine IBE
Aurora IAX
Bacchus IAO
Bermuda Blue JFR
Bio-Morphic Green IAF
Bittersweet IAZ
Black Olive IAH
Black Pearl PBT
Brooklands Green HYF
Caledonian IBG
Calypso Gold GDH
Celestial Blue IAI
Chagall IAT
Charcoal LVD
Chatsworth IAE
Copper Leaf Red CDX
Dark Fantasy IBA
Garnet IAK
Glacier IAD
Goodwood Green HQM
Gulf Stream IAM
Hawiian Blue JFK
Horizon IBF
Ignition Blue JGY
Jubilee IAL
Lagoon IAN
LeMans Green HFN
Mirage (2 coat) IAU
Mirage (3 coat) IAS
Moody Blue IBD
Moonshine IBB
Nightshade IAG
Nocturne IAP
Orange Grove IAR
Posiedon IAW
Raven Black PMF
Royal Blue JFM
Saffron IAJ
Shot Silk IAY
Sienna Gold GUF
Sonic Blue JHG
Spectre IAA
Spice IAQ
Sunspot Yellow IAC
Twilight IAV
Typhoon IAB
Wedgewood Blue JBH

Export related Versions

- Fuel filler hose Japan
- seat belt sensor Japan
- YWC 105330 433 Mhz Alarm version, (1207) marked with L or H or R or A, replacement part is marked with A
- YWC 105340 315 Mhz Alarm version, (1239) Japan, marked with M or K or S or T or B, replacement part is marked with B
- no volumetric alarm sensor

Indicator on the manufacturing date
1/ Screen Code of the Front Screen
Our German MG heritage Enthusiast Andreas Pichler has created a Webside with an explanation of the tricky manufacturing code of the front screen code.
The last row of this mark with a figure and up to 6 dots right or left of this figure indicates the manufacturing date of the screen. This can be used to find out when the car was built with a precision of about two or three month. It is too an indicator on wether the screen was changed i.e in case of an accident if the first registration date divers a large amount of time to this date.

5 dots left of the years figure means
'February 1996' (This car was registered
in Germany in May 1996)
EC-screen UK screen
 January 6 dots left  one figure for the year  July 6 dots right
 February 5 dots left  August 5 dots right
 March . . . . x  September x . . . .
 June 1 dot left  December 1 dot right

Other indicators on the manufacturing date
See several stickers at individual parts, i.e. the head lights or under the T-Bar and add about 1 to 3 month lead time.

Workshop manual Ed.3, Parts micro-fiches dated 1997, survey acc. to registration dates and VINs of MGF Enthusiasts in England, Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Italy and Germany and special informations of international friends of the MG BBS.
Most data came from friends at the MG Cars BBS Ltd. UK, the German Web-Forum and a good friend in Switzerland. Thanks fly to all participants.
Special thanks fly to the ones who do not want to be named here. :)

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