MGF shiny chrome exhaust finisher
the bulk of TT MK2 and the MK1 proto on the right
the bulk of TT MK2 stainless steel exhausts
TT MK2 at Neils car
TT MK2 at Neils car
Scarlets alignement problem just after straight forward fitting.
Needs some rework due to the _bent_ back of Scarlet from the earlkier accident
Scarlets Phoenix Exhaust in comparision to the TT MK2
special marking 4 me, due some special reasons ;)
The original Proto of Trevor Taylor sports exhaust
pictures courtesy Neil Willets and Andrew Phillips. Jan. 2006 
It's on

height is 10mm different
- bend rh inwards will bring it down aswell by lets say 3mils

-may be a spacer of 6 mils to the RH does the rest


depth is 20mm different

looks like I'll finally cut the left hand tail pipe by 10 to 15mm

  looks impossible to get 10 mils backwards ?  

will do this by 5 to 10 mils.

- the straight bracket end could get bent 'upwards aswell by lets say 3 mils


Stage 1

the plan is to bend this RH bracket backwards by 10 mils

cut the heat shield like SF did


Used a gas flame to allow smooth bend (see circle mark)

(Halfords like with max 1950°C)



59mm x 22mm with two dia. 8.5mm drills

drill distance centre to centre 49mm

use M8 x 40 to 45mm bolts instead of the short M8x35mm bolts

Stage 2
Tailpipes now flush to the rear bumper
No success with the height.

I'll make a 6mm spacer.

(6 mils cause I have the material)


Stage 3
Spacer works :)


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