PRT Thermostat MGF / MGTF

PEM000020 Housing Thermostat
PCH002970 Hose Assembly
PCH002490 Hose - bypass to heater coolant
PCH002500 Hose - expansion tank coolant
PCH003320 Hose assembly

Parts required listed in the EPC under
Pipes and Hoses & Thermostat

other similar water system mods

Email from Jon in spring:

I have now completed my PRT conversion. I chose to fit the thermostat housing horizontally, which I found was the easiest way as i did not have the OE MGF hoses. I bought a Land Rover Freelander conversion kit, using the T-piece and cut the hoses to fit. The view on enclosed image is from below/rear/rh side.
So far I have driven some 200km after the conversion was done. It works very well - now the warm-up time is back to what it used to be before i fitted the drilled 82deg thermostat. The heater also works OK.

Regards Jon, Norway

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